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The Launch of LS Trent Recruitment

by Matt Woodhouse / Wednesday 24th May 2017

LS Trent Recruitment

Tell us about yourself and how you came to launch LS Trent Recruitment

Hi, I’m Liz. Originally from Cambridge, I moved to Nottingham 18 years ago. I’m a proud mum to Aiden who is all grown up at 19 now and wife to Eddie for the past 17 years. Four years ago I stumbled into recruitment and realised that although I had loved my previous roles that I had found my calling – my dream career.

I love to get to know my clients and find out what they are looking for and I love to get to know my candidates and help them on their journey to find a great new career. Building long lasting relationships is what I do and I am extremely proud when a candidate updates their LinkedIn profile when they start their new role and I know that I was involved in that happening.

Nothing makes me happier than walking into the office each morning to the Thank You cards on the window sill, this brings a smile to my face every day. I see myself as a wider part of my clients’ recruitment team as I am a Brand Ambassador for them when I am discussing their roles with potential candidates. I am very proactive in sourcing candidates for my clients, ensuring that they only have the best available in the market.

What makes me different, I think it is simple but effective: I care…

I will be open and honest with clients and candidates if I think that I can help them and I genuinely love going on journey’s with each of you, it’s not about hitting a number, it about a client getting a great new long-term addition to the team and a candidate having the opportunity to grow within a company.

Which particular roles/positions do you specialise in?

LS Trent specialises in Customer Support and Management roles within the Commercial Sector, providing services for permanent, short-term temporary and fixed term temporary roles. From entry level up to senior management and most things in between. 

We are able to assist with positions from admin,  front of house, sales, account management, marketing, PR, finance, IT support, HR, customer service, project management and facilities management.

What does a good candidate look like to you? What do you look out for?

There is a role out there for every candidate and it is my job to register and get to know them and find out what this is and to then match them to the right client. There are so many different positions in the market and a perfect candidate for a data entry role would be the worst option for a sales role and vice versa. If LS Trent are chosen as one of your recruitment partners we will get you know you as best as possible to get a feel for your team, culture and values and then for each individual role we will look to find you the most suitable candidates that match that position and that team.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

I think any client or candidate would say that it is the personal touch and the genuine passion for the service that LS Trent provides, which is always to the highest level.

We are honest and open and if there is something that we cannot assist with then we are upfront and we will offer any advice and guidance that we can.