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The Launch of Atkinson Moss

by Max Jones / Friday 12th May 2017

Atkinson Moss

Tell us about your recruitment background?

Angie: I started my Recruitment career year at the tender age of 21! Like most recruiters (I’m guessing!) it was not my obvious career choice initially. I registered with a Recruitment Agency in Norwich after returning from Travelling. The Director of business happened to be in the office when I was registering and they offered me a position there and then to work as a trainee consultant. I spent the next 8 years working an extremely busy temporaries Industrial desk. I have to say, whilst it was very grueling at times and a 24-hour service (Literally) this really did give me a good work ethic and how to time manage my time. I then decided to look at a different sector and joined a Global recruitment company specializing in Finance and Accounting. I spent 5 years with this firm before moving to an independent Recruitment business, again specializing in Finance and Accounting for a further 7 years until now.

Graham: I fell into recruitment about 10 years ago after an early career in insurance and financial advice. I joined a national agency who really put me through my paces in business development, my first job was to call through the yellow pages enquiring about business information and their recruitment policies – it was a real lesson. Whilst I largely enjoyed my experience working for a national agency I was certain there was more to recruitment than KPI’s and internal competition. 

As a result I joined a regional agency with a reputation for quality and customer service and this is really where things kick-started for me. I always believed that customer service and technical knowledge were paramount to providing a good service, alongside working tandem with colleagues to achieve the same goals. Luckily, my former employer provided the opportunity for me to increase my market knowledge in an environment that encouraged teamwork and that formed the basis for my success.

What was your motivation for starting your own recruitment business?

Angie: There were several ‘drivers’ as to why I wanted to start my own recruitment business: Being successful for yourself, not for someone else, work/life balance, money and success. It was the right time in my life, timing can be key to a lot of decision making and now was the right time! I have a young family and I want to be around for them when they need me. Having your own business allows you that flexibility. Being successful in your own right is also important to me. I didn’t want to continue having the conversation that I am ‘consultant working for...’. How great is it when you can officially say you are a director/owner of your own recruitment company. And finally, money. I simply want to earn more money!

Graham: Despite the positive impact my former employer had on my career, I always felt there was more I could do to make an impact in my local marketplace. For me, it isn’t about reinventing the wheel but using the knowledge and experience I have to have a positive impact on the network of people in my marketplace and having the autonomy that having your own business affords was the only route for me.

What sectors do you cover?  What roles do you specialise in?

Angie: At Atkinson Moss we specialize in Accounting and Finance in East Anglia and recruit staff on a permanent and temporary basis.

What can customers expect when they work with you?

Graham: It may sound cliché but the priority for all recruiters should be honesty. Our candidates become our clients and vice versa so it is imperative that our practices remain transparent and consistent at all times. I truly believe it is not about reinventing the wheel but doing the job to best of your ability and ensuring your integrity never waivers.

This is what our customers can expect and I view our customers as anyone we encounter. Whether actively recruiting, searching for a job or just looking for advice, we aim to share our knowledge to the best of our ability.

Angie: Our clients can be assured that they will receive a knowledge, consultative and honest approach. I truly believe in honesty and simplicity. So many recruiters get it wrong by not doing the simplest of things like customer service.  Just do what you say you will do for both customer and candidate, listen and always be honest.  From my experience this combination works well and will secure long term and trusting relationships

What are your long-term plans for the company?

Angie: I’m sure Graham will agree with me, we are ambitious and have goals to grow Atkinson Moss. Our focus is to become a respected and recognised business in our area. When we feel comfortable that we have established our brand within the finance and Accounting sector then we will look at expanding into other divisions.

Graham: Our aim is to have an instantly recognisable and respected agency across the region. Once the brand is established as a marker for quality in our chosen field we think it would be great to apply our principles to other sectors. We have already identified possible opportunities in other professional services sectors and hope to work with individuals who share our valuables as we grow the business.