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The Launch of STK-iTech

by Lawrence O'Shea / Tuesday 9th January 2018

STK iTech Logo

We recently spent some time with Stuart Kennedy of STK-iTech about his experience launching his new recruitment business with SSG.
Here's what he had to say:

Tell me about your recruitment background?

I have experience in IT and Energy recruitment, I also several years’ experience working with large multinational companies gaining invaluable exposure to the daily operations of all types of businesses from Ecommerce, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retail and Construction.

What was your motivation for starting your own recruitment business?

Recruitment is a tough job, it is very time consuming and I came to a point in my career where doing 60/70 hours a week for somebody else just did not seem logical to me anymore. I have always had a keen interest in business, I have studied it academically for 4 years and I have worked in corporate roles for 12 years, so I felt the time was right for me now.

What sectors do you cover?  What roles do you specialise in?

We specialise in IT recruitment and have the tools in place to cover all types of IT roles across the UK. I specialise in the placement of Senior IT Positions, IT Security, Solutions Architects, Network Engineers.

What can customers expect when they work with you?

They can expect someone who understands their needs and mostly importantly can deliver the quality of candidates needed. We will work early mornings, late nights and weekends in order to find the best candidates in the market.

What are your long term plans for the company?

The next 2 years we will focus on the UK market and building a strong client base. I am Irish originally, so it would be nice to expand into Ireland too at some point in the future.

Did the launch process meet or exceed your expectations?

The launch process was excellent, and it exceeded my expectations.

Which part of the process if any do you feel we could have done differently or better?

To be honest I think everything ran very smoothly. I had no complaints at all.

Were you made to feel welcome at our offices?

Yes, very much so, I was actually late on the day I arrived, and this was not a problem at all for SSG, apologies for being late again and thank you for your understanding!

Which element of the launch most worried you initially?

The biggest worry for me was leaving my permanent job and knowing where to start next, with the help of SSG I didn’t really have to worry about any of this, all the elements of starting a new company where looked after by SSG and even now when we have everything set up I still have support from SSG. I think the service is and will continue to be invaluable to me.

Which element of the launch did you enjoy most?

Coming down to meet with SSG on the first day it all started to seem very real and when the first draft of the website came through.

Which element of the launch did you enjoy least?

To be honest none of it was bad, it is very straight forward.

How did you feel about the level of communication between yourself and the members of the SSG Team?

Excellent, everyone has been really helpful.

What were your thoughts on the launch day itself?

 Satisfaction and pride, being able to sit back and see that everything is in order and has been done correctly, is very satisfying.

Did you feel well informed about the launch process and what was expected of you?

Yes, every step of the way I knew what was going on and what I had to do.

Thanks to Stuart for spending the time to speak with us! We really appreciate your feedback!

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