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The Launch of LTF Recruitment

by Christian Bannister / Friday 23rd February 2018

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We recently spent some time with Richard Beaumont of LTF Recruitment about his experience launching his new recruitment business with SSG.
Here's what he had to say:

Tell me about your recruitment background.

I have worked in Education Recruitment for 6 Years. Starting off as a trainee in my first agency and working my way up to Senior Consultant in less than a year as well as being top biller for the whole of 2014. After which I took on an Interim Sales Director post in London. Soon after that I was Head Hunted to take on the role as Sales Director to set up a new agency in Manchester.

What was your motivation for starting your own recruitment business?

I spent 3 years setting up Education Agencies in London and Manchester for Investors so with all that experience I felt it was time to take the leap and start my own agency. I also felt I could be flexible with working hours and have more power over the direction and future of the company. Money was also a big factor in my decision. After 3 months of having my company its become apparent that the earning potential is great, while not necessarily working more hours than before.

What sectors do you cover?  What roles do you specialise in?

Education | Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Special Needs, Admin Support and Senior Leadership

What can customers expect when they work with you?

An honest forward-thinking approach. The company is called LTF Recruitment which stands for Long Term Futures. I want the company to move away from the stigma of supply agencies and work more towards cementing itself as a market leader for Long Term & Permanent candidates. Sourcing the best candidates in the market to improve the current retention problem in schools across the UK.

What are your long term plans for the company?

Ideally, I would like to maximise profits in the first couple of years by working on building the brand and the reputation of the company myself. Once the company has a stable presence in the market I would then want to set up two new offices. One in London and one in Nottingham so we can expand and develop new areas for growth.

Did the launch process meet or exceed your expectations?

Yes, and more

Which part of the process if any do you feel we could have done differently or better?

I think that having a list or rough estimate of the overall cost of setting up the agency would have been useful to help forward plan the whole process. Apart from that everything was done to the highest professional standard.

Were you made to feel welcome at our offices?

Very. All the staff at SSG were polite and forthcoming with information to help create the business. Everything was clearly laid out with no stone left unturned.

Which element of the launch most worried you initially?

The initial creative period (company name, brand, identity etc). I felt to get that right was the most important part to maximise the chance of the company being strong from the get go. Also I was initially worried about the financial side. Not having had previous experience with the financial side of setting up a new agency worried me initially.

Which element of the launch did you enjoy most?

The conclusion. Seeing all the different pieces of the puzzle coming together to create the final product was extremely satisfying. Having people with a clear depth of knowledge and experience in there own particular field meant I felt in very safe hands.

Which element of the launch did you enjoy least?

Nothing was really that bad!

How did you feel about the level of communication between yourself and the members of the SSG Team?

I felt everybody at SSG were extremely helpful always. Very quick response time and always available to answer any questions I had. Even the silly ones!!

What were your thoughts on the launch day itself?

Well structured and clear all the way through. The process only moves forward when your completely happy with each topic being discussed and all angles have been addressed.

Did you feel well informed about the launch process and what was expected of you?

Yes, the regular emails each Friday updating you on all remaining tasks was really useful.

Thanks to Richard for spending the time to speak with us! We really appreciate your feedback!

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