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The Launch of Findrs

by Lawrence O'Shea / Friday 5th January 2018

Findrs Logo

We recently spent some time with Chris Booth of Findrs an exciting new venture which has launched with the help of SSG.

Here's what he had to say about the experience:

Tell me about your recruitment background?

Like everyone in Recruitment, I fell into it.

My friend recommended that I give it a go because of my confidence when speaking to new people and my ability to understand people.

I started working with a small firm in Leeds in May 2012, working the IT Storage Market. From there I fell in love with the job. After 6 months I was moved internally to the International Team, working the German Cloud market. This was a fantastic learning curve, no job boards, no job ads – just business development and headhunting… all day everyday.. and I bloody loved it.

I moved to another firm in 2016 who held the same values and beliefs I had. I was so impressed with the way they’d managed to create a business model around treating people well.

Which takes us to now – starting Findrs!

What was your motivation for starting your own recruitment business?

An amalgamation of a few factors really…

My Dad is a business owner and I always loved that, (even though I always remember saying “I’ll never work behind a desk when I’m grown up” when I was younger).

I’ve always looked up to the owners of the businesses I’ve worked for. I always remember thinking that one day I’d love to do it myself.
Freedom is a big plus. I know a lot of Agencies out there promise a high level of autonomy, but in reality, there can’t be when there’s a lot of consultants in the business.

Cheesy as it sounds, also “belief”. I’ve always believed I can create a business that people will like to both work with as customers and for as employees. I see a lot of frustration within the recruitment market around untoward behaviour and poor values – I know that there’s a chance to change that a little bit.

What sectors do you cover?  What roles do you specialise in?

The UK Infrastructure and Cloud market. I couldn’t list all the titles as every company in the UK apparently likes to use titles unique to their business! If they work with Technology either within in a Service Provider or End User environment. 

What can customers expect when they work with you?

Transparency and integrity – which I do think is a great differentiator in the market.
I’m not promising a cool new AI Technology that uses NASA based Algorithms to find you the top 0.1 percentile – that’s not what that market needs.

The market needs a service that you can trust to be great, consistently, every time you work them. After all, I’ve never seen a consultant get a recommendation based on their “search algorithm”!

What are your long term plans for the company?

I would love to say it, but it will likely change a lot over the years. The Vision for Findrs isn’t world domination or reach the first £Million in 2 years. It’s simply “To be reputed as a nice bunch of people who deliver on what they say they will”.

If you could also let us know your thoughts on the whole launch process it would be much appreciated. I hope you found it a positive experience but however you found it – please let us know. Again, I’ve asked some questions, but if you would prefer to just write how you feel, please feel free!

Did the launch process meet or exceed your expectations?

I would say exceeded, I expected a lot more problems and bumps in the road but it was relatively smooth.

Were you made to feel welcome at our offices?

Very much so, I’m expecting lunch every time I come over!

Which element of the launch most worried you initially?

Probably the not knowing how to run a business element, whether I would be able to understand everything. Thankfully everything was explained very well.

Which element of the launch did you enjoy most?

Designing the logo and branding.

Which element of the launch did you enjoy least?

Writing the website content – still not sure I’ve got it 100% right. Not my strongest skill!

How did you feel about the level of communication between yourself and the members of the SSG Team?

Really good, Krissy’s weekly updates were really helpful and simple enough to understand. Having one main point of contact certainly helped.

What were your thoughts on the launch day itself?

Good, enjoyed it all. Apart from the drive! When you opening an office in Leeds?

Did you feel well informed about the launch process and what was expected of you?

Yes, I always knew what was being actioned and what I needed to action myself. Again, Krissy’s weekly update helped with this.

Thanks to Chris for spending the time to speak with us! We really appreciate your feedback!

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