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Keeping your cool

by / Wednesday, 1st July 2015

As the mini heatwave brings the UK the hottest day since records began (well, actually in the last nine years apparently) and some seriously grumpy faces in the SSG office as a result, the discussions have turned to how best to keep your cool.

Of course, we all know the classics – drink plenty of cool water, have cold baths or showers, wear loose clothing, stay out of the sun in the heat of the day…

But, what would our fellow SSG’ers recommend we do to keep cool? A quick survey revealed some surprising, some interesting and some downright crazy results.

Ice lollies rank highly with Magnum, Twister and Solero all featured. Cold drinks were also popular with one SSG’er explaining they make coffee ice cubes, so that their caffeine-laden beverage isn’t watered down when whizzed with ice!

Some combat the danger of heatstroke by using a cold damp towel as a blanket and settling down for a little snooze. Not sure the boss would be too happy to find his merry band of recruiters napping mid-afternoon though…

As the ideas got more outlandish, we went from water balloon fights to eating chillies (apparently scientifically proven to make you sweat more, thereby cooling you down – questionable in my opinion!)

And my personal favourite suggestion, popping down to the local Argos for a paddling pool – that’s what office car parks are for, right?!

However you decide to keep cool, keep focused, hydrated and healthy!