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Job Boards Still Number 1

by / Thursday, 18th JUNE 2015

June and July are always funny months at SSG – this is the time of year when we review our Job Board provision and sit down with our Job Board partners to renew our annual agreements (or not!)

The bottom line is that any deal which we broker with a Job Board will simply reflect how well that particular job board works for our Recruiter Clients. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters to SSG is that our Clients are able to source the candidates that they need. If they can, then not only do they make money but so does SSG.

It is also a fact that over the past 10 years or so SSG has hugely extended our provision of a vast array of recruitment support tools – we want to give our Clients more than they need, a wider range of tools, facilities and software than they have been used to when working for someone else. We want our clients to be able to compete with Recruitments Big Boys from Day 1.

In fact, we want our start-up Clients to do better than Recruitments Big Boys from Day 1.

The funny thing is though that despite our increased spend on just about every tool under the sun (including vacancy reports, credit checking facilities, on line testing software, CRMs, interactive web site, video production etc.) it is the job boards which remain our Clients Number 1 priority.

Our Recruiters want the job boards – & not just job postings or CV Search but both & now and undiluted & with a real variety of sites & watchdogs and reports & this & that! It is exhausting!

It is also very funny that in an industry which is so dynamic with change happening every day and a desperate need for SSG & our clients to keep pace with that change, that one thing remains the same – the provision of Job Boards is still the Number 1 requirement for every start up recruitment business!

Well, that being the case SSG remains grateful to the array of multi disciplinary and niche job boards which are so flexible, encouraging and understanding in their delivery of their product through SSG to our guys. We respect each and every one of those great suppliers and remain very happy to call ourselves ‘Partners’ rather than customers to most of the UK’s biggest & best players.

So, here is a toast to Job Boards everywhere – SSG loves ya!