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SLR Solutions

by Clare Armstrong / Thursday 17th September 2015

SLR Solutions

This week, we are so pleased to announce that one of the ventures we support, SLR Solutions have been shortlisted onto a PSL with a major group of companies within a specialist area of the healthcare market. Simon and his team had done a great job of recruiting locally for one of the companies in the group and word had got back to the powers that be and within a very short space of time, SLR were being asked to tender.

We worked closely with Simon putting the tender documents together and were delighted to be told that SLR were through to the next round. A full presentation follows which we will be involved in with SLR and we are really hopeful of a positive outcome. The prospect of winning a major contract like this is exciting as these events can accelerate the growth of a small business and act as a springboard which changes the nature of the business forever. Watch this space.