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Hill & Jago Recruitment – Two Years On…

by MaX Jones / Friday 20th January 2017

Hill & Jago

Just last week, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Catherine Tassano from Hill & Jago Recruitment about her last 2 years of Business Ownership. It was a pleasure to hear even more about Catherine & why she wanted to become her own boss & create the lifestyle she had always wanted.

What was evident in talking to Catherine was the personal connection she had to her business & I know it sounds simplistic but one of the major drivers for anyone when they’re running their own business is that they feel the success & nature of that business is a direct reflection on themselves. That personal connection, alongside a passion to promote a brand as an extension of herself is clearly what has helped Catherine get to where she is today. Not to mention she’s a top-quality recruiter as well!...

Here’s what we discussed.

1. Why did you decide to launch your own recruitment business?

I love recruitment and helping businesses to grow and be successful.  I’d worked in house for 13 years and was a bit tired of being told by agency recruiters that in house recruiters are failed agency consultants, so I thought I’d try the dark side.  And I like it!

2. What had stopped you in the past? (what concerned you about starting up on your own?)

I hate sales.  I’ve realised that I can make sufficient business by being me though, and identifying businesses that like working with someone like me.  My business is growing slowly but surely, and my clients are very loyal and supportive.

3. Did you look at any other options before deciding to launch with SSG?

Yes, a couple of other similar investment companies, but they weren’t very personable.  SSG are very human, ethical, and honest.  All the things I like!

4. How did you find the launch process with SSG?

Quick, engaging and I found everyone approachable and encouraging.

5. What challenges have you faced being a Recruitment Entrepreneur?

Getting used to feast and famine in work load and cash flow.  Having spoken to others in my situation I’m not alone in taking my foot off the gas when things first started to go really well, and then the reality of having to pull my finger out again! 

It’s a completely different way of working to what I was used to, but I believe that in life you have to try new things to see if it works for you, and this works for me, and my family.

6. What elements have been “easier” than you thought?

Developing my brand.  Talking this through with SSG helped to cement what I wanted to portray, and my clients all know how I work and what my key areas are.

7. What advice would you give someone thinking about starting up on their own?

Be prepared to work hard.  The work won’t fall into your lap and if it was easy everyone would be doing it! 

If you have a genuine passion for people and recruitment, and can manage yourself, and deal with the lonely weeks just as well as you can manage the entertaining and networking, you’ll find working for yourself intellectually and financially rewarding. 

Having the right support is key too.  SSG is a great support, and is always there for any random questions I have.  Good support at home is key too, family and friends take a while to understand that working at home, still means working!

Next steps?

If you can relate to anything that Catherine has said, or you are vaguely interested in the idea of one day owning your own recruitment business, then we’d love to encourage you to talk to SSG. Having had the opportunity to launch over 300 recruiters in their own businesses over the last 13 years, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about developing businesses in line with the aspirations of the director.

Take the first steps today & give us a call.