Free & Single

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Everyone will tell you that now is the time to do something new. You only have yourself to worry about. Wow, what freedom to make a decision just for yourself. Wouldn’t we all like to be in that position. If I were you.... If it were me.... If only I could do it..... If it wasn’t for the kids. Suddenly, everyone has an excuse to say why you have no excuse. You also have no fallback position, no financial support from a supportive partner. What happens if things don’t work out? If you commit to a risky job now, by the time you give it a real go, all of your savings (such as they are) will also go. Another birthday or two passed and still no long term family plan. It can begin to feel a bit a little pressurised and even though you know that deep down everyone wants you to do well, you also know that they don’t. It would kill them to see you succeed. Who really wants to see their friends to be successful – really?

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