Confused You

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Suddenly, you find yourself with some big decisions to make. What was once all about choice is now all about decisions. You need to make the right decision & you need to make it now. You cannot afford to be wrong this time. No more knee jerk reactions but you do need to get a wriggle on. No time to procrastinate but for goodness sake, don’t rush into anything new again! It’s all about trust and you know that you have been let down before. Be open to new ideas but don’t be daft – people don’t really care about you, they just want a revenue earner to earn them revenue. You know that. Your family either needs you to make big money or make more time to be with them. Whichever way you look at it, you cannot afford to look at it the wrong way. Just be careful but brave. Be sure but don’t run away from an idea. You need to rely not just on your instinct, but also on other people now. Just get on with it.

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