Independent You

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You loved Andy when you first met hm. Do you remember he was passionate about his business and that he was looking for a key employee to initially be a fee earner but to quickly progress into a managerial role, possibly with equity. No restrictions, a new commission scheme to be introduced once certain short term goals were met. This was a chance to be a big fish in a growing pond – Andy was convinced. Nothing in writing yet with regard to shares of course but the potential was there. Why would he lie? What would be the point of Andy painting this picture if it wasn’t really what he wanted? Andy needed you to just knuckle down and prove yourself. Gosh, that was three years ago, but let’s be fair, it wasn’t really Andy’s fault that things had not gone entirely to plan and you guess it was reasonable to ask you to keep generating revenues until the rest of the team were up to speed. No bonus or new commission scheme yet, but give it time – just a little more time.

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