Corporate You

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It seemed the perfect career move – the exact role that would propel you career in the direction that you always wanted to travel. Big name, retained accounts, corporate mentality, smart suit. There was a clear ladder to climb with defined targets and meritocratic principles – do better than your colleagues and you will progress. But it isn’t like that at all. Something doesn’t quite fit. You want to feel ‘part of it’, you want to enjoy the meetings, the structure and you want to make the commitment, but somehow you don’t feel it – never really have done. It is all nonsense. Meetings, targets and progression decided by people who don’t really know you and in the meantime, the rest of your life is sacrificed so that you can play the game, get the BMW, win ‘Recruiter of the month’ and perhaps even earn a 5% bonus in January. Was this really your dream?

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