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Who Are You?

There was a time not so long ago when you knew exactly who you were & exactly who you wanted to be, but somewhere that clarity of your own self has been gradually eroded, day by day, minute by minute, second by second?

Do you remember when everything was crystal clear, when everything was certain – black or white? Wasn’t it great to live in a world so precise and so easy to understand that your decisions were really just choices, not decisions at all? What you were and what you wanted to be was nothing more than a stage on your journey and whilst work was part of that journey, it didn’t need to be precise because your destination was always exactly that – precise. You would be happy, fulfilled and affluent. You were going to experience everything and if life threw any obstacles in your way, they would be dismissed as if it was all part of the game. Then suddenly that clarity is gone. Without any warning and with a chilling certainty you have become something that you are not – a sort of blurred facsimile of your former self. In truth, you no longer feel quite yourself, no longer exactly who you were. In fact, the truth is that you worry that people from your past wouldn’t quite recognise you any more – sure, it looks like you but somehow it really isn’t the person they once knew. Something has gone, something is missing. The worst of it all is that you actually saw it coming. You knew what was happening and you just watched like an innocent bystander. Whilst others appeared to rage against the grey mediocrity, you blame yourself for doing nothing. Well, no more.

It's Just a Little Blurry

Do you find yourself frustrated that you just can’t seem to be the person that you want to be, either professionally or at home? Do you sometimes feel that despite your very best efforts, you seem to fall just a little short of expectation? Not quite the perfect employee, colleague, friend. Somehow, not the perfect partner, attentive parent or grateful sibling?

Solid Recruiter struggling with the formality, daft KPIs, office politics & boredom of the Corporate World? Somehow, not quite the right fit – just not you?


A ‘Big Fish’ working hard to make this business right. The promise of plenty of rewards if you just stay patient and get the Company through this tricky patch.


Where to now? You are not a ‘job hopper’ but that’s how it looks on your CV. Something needs to change. Time is running out. What next? It feels serious now.


Just you to worry about! No need to think about what anyone else needs. You can manage the mortgage & the other bills, just. What’s the worst that can happen?


My partner is very supportive. If I want to do start a business, they would back me 100%. I know that. It’s just that right now, we have to think about other stuff, other priorities.


Always. Never in doubt. Family first. Family is everything. Nothing else really matters. If I thought that it was right for my family, then of course, I would do it!


Is Any Part of This You?

In My Past

In my youth, I knew exactly what I wanted – a business, a family and time to enjoy both. I would be successful & happy & proud to be who I was. Everyone would recognise me as the person they had believed I would become.

In My Present

I am hesitant, disappointed & a little frustrated. I seem to compromise over everything, my family, my career and my future. In trying to be unselfish, I am making myself unhappy and I feel like I am cheating those around me.

In My Future

Family grown up, kids at University and a second home by the sea. I still work but it’s an extension of my hobby. Recruitment was good to me and gave me the chance to do other things, with my partner & the kids.

Is Any of This True?