Commission Only

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There are numerous Recruitment Companies willing to let you work through their business as a self employed, commission only Recruiter – retaining (pre tax) up to 70% of what you bill. Simple theory; you can work from home, make the odd placement and keep a high percentage of your billings (OK, so you have to then sort out your own tax etc, but you get the point). You use the company brand; operate in a clearly defined business sector and use an allocation of tools provided by the company. No real commitment exists on either side and you can walk away whenever you want to. Critics always point out 4 main issues; you have to pay your own tax on any commissions, you must work in a clearly restricted market arena, you have no security and finally, why would you leave salaried employment and then not own the business you now work in?! Our view is that it is an understandable route to consider but ask yourself why existing Recruitment Ventures would offer this option? Free employee who builds their database for them, a cynic might suggest?

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