An Investor

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There are thousands of private investors in the market place. The proliferation of private investors reflects a fundamental change in society as more and more individuals seek an alternative to failing pension funds, housing & savings accounts for their hard earned cash. Private investors come in all shapes and sizes and some are more demanding than others, but the trait shared by all is that they want security & a return for their investment. This is no cuddly Grandfather hoping he can give something back – private investors range from finance-savvy tough guys willing to pull the plug at any point to desperate individuals risking life savings on an investment unrelated to their experience. For you, it can be a dangerous road to take and the number 1 rule is to understand what your investor expects of you – what returns, what control, what growth, what exit. To explore this route for yourself, go online and seek out Business Angles (posh term for private investors). This is not Dragon's Den – this is someone risking their life savings on you. Now, that’s pressure!

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