A Franchise

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It can be a considerable personal investment, but there are a significant number of Recruitment Franchise opportunities in the market, many backed by household Recruitment names. A quick search on Google will give you a starting point and although you would be trading using the franchise owners name, the ‘sales blurb’ will suggest that you have the support and expertise of their umbrella. Most franchise owners would expect an upfront investment (which they portray as an investment in your future and a visible commitment of your confidence) and a monthly management fee (which is either a fixed fee or a percentage of the placements made). Critics of this model point out the high financial investment & the lack of personal branding (you are just part of their brand; it’s not your own business). The key question for SSG is always the same – if the Franchise owner really believed that they can help you to succeed, why do they need to be paid up front?

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