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  • Are you ready?

    ‘Well, are you ready – are you ready for this?’

    Yeah baby, I was born ready!

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Are You Ready?

Getting ‘ready’ to start your own company is a slow burn business, often taking months, even years before your ambition & determination comes to the boil. It is a gut instinct thing, not a timetable thing.

At SSG, we are prepared to wait for as long as it takes before you are ready to talk. When you decide that you want to find out more, we remain more than happy to walk at your pace. It doesn’t matter to SSG how long the journey to reach this point takes, we are only concerned that you make that journey in your own time, armed with all of the information that you need to progress in the right way for you – everyone is different. Each new business launch is unique.

Hopefully, you will only start a recruitment business just once – it will be a roaring success and support you and your family for years to come, so why wouldn’t we all take our time to get the foundations right before building the infrastructure? And, anyway this whole thing should be fun, exciting and carefully controlled, not a desperate dash to escape the confines of being employed elsewhere.

So, why not let SSG help you to make the right choices in the right time with the right information? Why not let us explain what is on offer, how it all works and what the challenges are? Why not take things at a steady pace and wait until you feel 100% confident that this is the right time for you start a business? But, that begs the question of course – the $64,000 question.... what is the right time and when are you ready?

Back to Basics

The Recruiters we work with usually share the same characteristics; great at what they do (that’s a given), at least 2 years 360 degree experience within an agency environment (that’s a must) and often fed up with earning too much money for someone else (that’s a fact!). Irritated by poor management, vertical markets, carrying team members, commission capping and determined to have a change of life, to be more in control. If you have these feelings, if you can recognise these characteristics then talk to us, We are SSG.

Can you do it?

Are you a good Recruiter? Have you got the ‘know how’, the contacts, the understanding? Can you make placements? Only you know!

Professionally ready?

Do you know what needs to be done to win the business and then to service it too? Are you ready to do the full 360°?


Do you want to do it?

Have you got the desire, drive & determination to face down any challenge? Will you keep going when the going gets tough?

Domestically Set?

Of course, you have discussed it all with your partner & your family is on board with the whole thing, but is that all you need to do? What else is there to consider?


Will we all get on?

Are you honest, open and keen to engage with the guys at SSG. We need to get along. You need to feel comfortable with us all.

Financially Sorted?

The SSG Launch Process is completely free & you will need to shell out nothing to get up & running, but what about the early days of the new business?


One Word Answers