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New Clients

The only way that SSG will ever consider working with a new Recruiter is if a very strict, detailed, gruelling and challenging selection process is adhered to – one which any applicant lucky enough to be condescendingly considered for SSG backing ought to promote feelings of gratitude & respect for all at SSG.

You need to spend many weeks in preparation – developing complex Excel spreadsheets covering your 5 Year plan. We want the presentation of a formal business case backed by references from at least 2 employers and 5 clients. We want proof of funds from your bank. We demand visibility to your placement record covering the last three years.

If we decide to select you for an interview, you will hear from our representative within 21 days of receipt of your business plan. If we do not want to meet with you, you will never hear from SSG. Understood?

Yeah right!…

Let’s get a few things crystal clear. We trust our process. We trust our instinct. We trust you. If a Recruiter decides to talk to SSG, we are grateful. Of course we are. This is how we make our living, pay the mortgage and buy our groceries. Without ‘our guys’, we are nothing. We know that. You will be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration. Equally important is that any communication between SSG and you is just that – between SSG & you. No one else. Confidentiality is absolute.

So, after all of this time – 12 years later, hundreds of business launches and (probably) thousands of meetings – what criteria does SSG actually work to when adding to the glory of our network?

Can the Recruiter do it?

Can the Recruiter ‘do it’?


Does the Recruiter want to do it?

Does the Recruiter really want to ‘do it’?


Will we get on?

Will we all get on famously?


Life really need not be any more complicated than that! Can you make placements? Do you really want your own business and we will all get on & respect one another?

Anything else is just noise. We can solve pretty much any other issue – lack of candidates, dearth of vacancies, PSLs, Restrictive Covenants, Cash Flow & so on. There really are only so many problems in recruitment and after all of this time & with all of our experience, I bet that SSG has probably solved each & every problem a hundred times.

It is of course important to feel that you are ready and to be careful (& even cautious)

before starting up on your own – with or without SSG. You ought to think long & hard about deciding to make the leap. This is about changing your life, not your job. This is about possibly the greatest adventure you will ever embark upon.

Having said that, we rely on instinct, both ours and yours. You know if you are good recruiter. You know if you have the inner drive to get up on a wet Wednesday morning and make those calls. You probably know the type of support you want from SSG already. You probably know that we have access to every tool and facility in the recruitment book – but are you ready? Is this what you want?