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Market Coverage

Specialist Market Coverage

It has been an eventful & sometimes very painful journey but SSG has finally reached our destination of choice – recognised as genuine experts in the provision of specialist support for both generalist & niche recruitment markets. In fact, 29 so far & still counting!

Love or hate SSG, it is hard to argue with the notion that we have garnered more expertise & relevant collateral than any recruitment support business is ever likely to need & certainly more than anyone else has bothered to garner (should they be in the recruitment collateral garnering business that is).

Right now, this minute, as it stands, SSG provides practical day-to-day support to hundreds of Recruitment businesses operating across 29 distinct market sectors. We are not ‘going to’ do this or plan to ‘move into’ that – we are actually doing it & have been since 2003. It is tough, challenging and occasionally hugely frustrating but we are right here, right now and usually right too, which is a handy bonus!

Recruitment’s Big 3

Good ol' Perms

Good Ol’ Perms

A big claim we know, but there is probably no Perm-based recruitment scenario that SSG has not faced on scores on traumatic occasions in the last 12 years! From ‘drop outs’ to ‘no shows’ to rebates, disputes, PSLs, ITTs, candidate shortages, split fees and split lips!

Tricky Temps

Tricky Temps

We run thousands of temps every week, covering every market from Driving to Construction to Industrial. We all know what matters – get the temps paid and chase payment from the end client. Throw in our commitment to compliance and legislation & you can see why we are trusted by so many, so often.

Contract Kings

Contract Kings

If you know recruitment like we know recruitment, you will know what the difference is between our Tricky Temps & our Contract Kings! Big money, big compliance issues and big egos (& that’s just SSG!). UK based, European or anyway else, we deal with it & usually with a smile on our face.

Some Market Stuff

Business Launches Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

We are not looking to launch more businesses in any particular market than any other. Truthfully, it doesn’t really matter to SSG what market a determined, motivated & suitable Recruiter would like to operate within. It is very likely that we understand what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and when it needs to be done for pretty much any market.

As an average, we seem to launch a couple of new businesses each month – and we have done for years now. We are often asked if we would still consider launching a business even if we already support a venture operating in a similar market & a similar geography & the honest answer is always absolutely, every time. The more of us that can contribute to our growing knowledge base the better it is for us all.

29 Sectors Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

It is an impressive statistic of course to throw out there – we work in 29 different recruitment markets, including I.T, Commercial, Technical, Education, Scientific, Nursing, Security, RTR, Fashion, Electrical, Aviation, Automotive, Construction, HR, A&F, Office, FMCG, Vets & so on. But we think that the really impressive statistics revolve around how long we have been doing so (since 2003), the number of businesses we have launched (over 200), the number of ventures we still support today (100+) and the number of Recruiters we look after (400+) right now.

For us, it is all about the ‘right now’ & not the ‘possibility, probability and potential’ touted around by so called experts! If you need help & support, then we are here right now.

SSG Revenues Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

Let’s break it down into three different markets – Perms’, Temps’ & Contract. Well, you might be surprised to learn that despite running thousands of temps every week and turning over literally millions of pounds in all three sectors, we make more of our profit from the Perms market than the other sectors. Of course, there is a big difference between revenue and profit – & as they say ‘turnover is vanity, whilst profit is sanity!’

To be open, we like all three sectors for different reasons; Temp revenues are recurring and reliable whilst Perms are ‘up & down’. Having said that, nothing can beat a Contractor on £1,000 a day charge rate (assuming the margin is OK). I guess we all know that there is no such thing as easy money in recruitment anymore, despite what the rest of the world seems to think!

UK Geography Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

SSG clients are all based in the UK, even if their candidates and clients are spread all over the world. England gobbles up a massive percentage of our client numbers of course, with London, Manchester, Birmingham & Newcastle being particular hotspots. Bonny Scotland seems to be low on numbers but very high in quality with Wales and Ireland currently lagging behind – or is it that SSG is lagging behind in presenting our offering to our Celtic friends? That seems more likely!

An interesting development over the years has been the gradual migration of our Clients away from the city metropolis towards the rural idyll we all dream about. A lack of commuting, an improvement in broadband communications and a realisation that you do not need to be on the doorstep of your clients every day has certainly helped that move.

Future Trends Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

It seems that there is an unstoppable trend towards self employment within Recruitment. The old obstacles making it hard for a motivated Recruiter to launch a business have pretty much disappeared & clients care less & less about the big corporate names now.

Clients make it very clear that what they want now is value for money, swift customer support and flexibility, No fixed rates, crazy terms or old fashioned procedures, but a service designed to meet their particular needs.

SSG has changed also in the last few years & is now working through both our traditional support model but also with an Equity Investment offering, opening the door to those weighed down by mortgages, fixed costs and children!

We continue to seek out Recruiters meeting our classic combination of 3 criteria: can the recruiter do it, does the recruiter really want to do it & will we all get along?