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Facts and Figures

SSG’s Existing Client portfolio is as diverse, eclectic and surprising as it is similar, familiar and typical – you already know who we are don’t you?

The great news is that we already work with you. You are part of our network, part of the family. We immediately understood your motivation to launch a business when we first met and we have been fortunate enough to have supported your business since 2003. There were some tough times for sure and enough long days and sleepless nights to remind us all that this is no easy ride, no lazy alternative to traditional employment.

Equally, we are hugely excited to finally meet you, to get the opportunity to present to you what SSG has to offer and to explain how we might launch a new business for you. We understand completely that this is a new experience for you and that you will need a very personal & particular support structure. It is fantastic for SSG to work with so many different and unusual individuals – the diversity of our challenge is what makes it so exciting for us.

Why not take a good look at the makeup of our existing client portfolio and read all about yourself & then perhaps contact SSG so that we can explain to you why launching a business for you will be a unique experience and fresh challenge for us all?

Our Clients' Motivations

300 + business launches since 2003 and an existing Client Portfolio well in excess of 100 thriving recruitment companies, each run by a unique budding entrepreneur with very particular & personal motivations to start a new venture. With so many variables – 200 of this, 100+ of that and thousands of the other – you know how impossible it is to generalise, which is why it is so interesting to do exactly that.

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