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    What is a typical SSG Client?

Facts & Figures

SSG’s Existing Client portfolio is as diverse, eclectic and surprising as it is similar, familiar and typical – you already know who we are don’t you?

The great news is that we already work with you. You are part of our network, part of the family. We immediately understood your motivation to launch a business when we first met and we have been fortunate enough to have supported your business since 2003. There were some tough times for sure and enough long days and sleepless nights to remind us all that this is no easy ride, no lazy alternative to traditional employment.

Equally, we are hugely excited to finally meet you, to get the opportunity to present to you what SSG has to offer and to explain how we might launch a new business for you. We understand completely that this is a new experience for you and that you will need a very personal & particular support structure. It is fantastic for SSG to work with so many different and unusual individuals – the diversity of our challenge is what makes it so exciting for us.

Why not take a good look at the makeup of our existing client portfolio and read all about yourself & then perhaps contact SSG so that we can explain to you why launching a business for you will be a unique experience and fresh challenge for us all?

5 Star Motivation

200 business launches since 2003 and an existing Client Portfolio well in excess of 100 thriving recruitment companies, each run by a unique budding entrepreneur with very particular & personal motivations to start a new venture. With so many variables – 200 of this, 100+ of that and thousands of the other – you know how impossible it is to generalise, which is why it is so interesting to do exactly that.

£, Shillings
& Pence!

Every single SSG Client cited money as a key motivation to launch a business. Why accept 20% commission when you can keep around 4 times as much?


& Control

You are an adult. You can make decisions and understand what is really important in life, so why are you set weekly KPIs by someone else?


Work / Life

The life of a salaried Recruiter has nothing to do with balance. You will succeed until you burn out and then you will leave or you will get sacked.


& Pride

Do you burst with pride when explaining to a stranger that you are a Recruitment Consultant? How would you feel to chat about your own business? Better or not better?


The Passing
of Time

When is the right time for you? What are you waiting for? What age milestone is the important one? You have one life to enjoy, one chance to be yourself.


Sweeping Generalisations

Time Scales Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

For most start-ups it seems that things took longer than our Recruiters initially anticipated. The first interviews, the first placements, the first start dates, the first invoice payment. There seems little doubt that for most there were additional pressures as a direct result of this perceived delay. Personal cash flows have been squeezed and tensions at home often heightened by the anxiety that this can bring. Many of our existing clients have also been surprised by the level of practical support and help that SSG can provide if they are brave enough to explain their worries to us.

Revenues Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

The average SSG Client will invoice between £60,000 and £80,000 in their first full year of trade – which we define as the 12 months following a three month ramp up period. For some, this is pure Perm’ fees whilst for others it will include the GP (Gross Profit) on Temp’ business. We believe that this is a very good and encouraging average and suggest that in doing so, you could take out of your business around £40,000 to £50,000 after tax and the SSG Service Charge. Again, most existing clients would suggest that the fees they generate in this period are less than they forecast but perversely also generate a better real return, in terms of disposable income.

Challenges Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

It is very rare for any Client to say that they have found it easier than expected to launch a business! The vast majority report that the challenge has been significant but justified. It is one thing to project that it will be tough but a completely different thing to actually work through it. The obvious challenge of making placements is often compounded by a sense of feeling apart, a little lonely and under self inflicted pressure to prove to loved ones and ex-colleagues that they can succeed. It is not often that pure recruitment difficulties are cited as the most challenging – in other words candidates and vacancies are less troublesome than the more ephemeral obstacles.

Surprises Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

An almost universal sense of pride and satisfaction is quoted by existing clients. The feeling that they have done something special seems to pervade. Some are surprised by their ability to cope with defining a new work routine and a growing sense of self trust develops once entrepreneurs combine that drive with the work life balance they sought out in the first place. The level of paperwork which needs to be understood often comes as a surprise and the speed with which the time passes is also a shock. Very few Recruiters would suggest that they are not aware of what needs to be dealt with (away from the obvious issues of making a placement) but most are caught out by the regularity with which they need to communicate with SSG!

Regrets Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

12 months in to running a new business almost all of our Clients express a number of regrets. Some are very positive regrets and revolve around the wish that they had done this years ago or reaffirm why starting a business was such a good idea (they might regret all of the missed school plays and sports days). However, negative regrets also creep in on a regular basis too. Many regret not working harder in the opening months of the business. Lots of Recruiters regret not doing enough preparatory research or maybe some have breached a restrictive covenant. Equally common is the regret that Recruiters express when they don’t kick on after a particularly good few months of billings.

Temperament Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

Apologies to all of our male clients who work diligently and remain calm & composed in times of intense pressure, but it seems that in terms of gender, men are more likely to lose control and metaphorically throw their toys out of the pram. There is no question that running your own business is pressurised even when it all goes well, but the fairer sex seem more able to ask for help, respond better to advice and regroup in the face of disappointment. Women seem more likely to take time out to think and seem more able to realign their original plan in the face of severe challenges. Sorry guys!

Quitting Email | LinkedIn | 01442 937 774

Almost all of our existing Clients have considered quitting and returning to traditional recruitment at one time or another – either seriously questioning what they were doing or just responding to a particularly bad week. It is almost unheard of that a successful recruitment entrepreneur will not recall a number of occasions when the possibility of quitting was more than just a passing thought. Of those unfortunate entrepreneurs who do decide that they have had enough, it seems that they are only two reasons why they eventually do just stop: the first is an uncomfortable realisation that they are not quite as good at recruitment as they originally believed & the second (& much more often quoted reason to quit) is that they simply do not enjoy working for themselves.