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A Closer Look

Sometimes the closer you look at your own problems, the less you can actually see. From time to time, you need to put down the gun, set your inner rabbit free and just call SSG!

So, many years into all of this launch & support stuff, our existing Clients tend to consistently reiterate a trio of clear messages; the first is that the launch process needs to be free & run as a project by SSG. The second message is that they need the tools to do the job - & not just a few job boards and access to some mediocre recruitment software & the third message is that on-going support needs to be personal, available and relevant.

I guess the key point here is that in taking a closer look at existing SSG Clients and the key issues faced by many of them, SSG has to remain focussed on providing not only solutions for the big, obvious and regular challenges (markets, cash flow, expansion, legal) but also remember that month-to-month, day-to-day & minute-to-minute many of our guys are working from home, often alone and with little opportunity to just chat through the little things which affect their day.

For SSG, on-going support is a big deal, especially about the little things. A candidate who doesn’t turn up for an interview, an end-client who is rude, a package that didn’t arrive on time, an email which refuses to be sent, a laptop that is slow, a web site which contains spelling errors! Ok, these are not normally issues which would send a confident, successful Recruiter running to hide in the corner, but when you are home, feeling alone & with no one to vent to, it is tough. You have to be a Recruiter to know what it is to be a Recruiter!

Time to look at some of the bigger decisions our existing clients have made and then to look at the trio of ephemeral support processes provided by SSG (Mentoring, Meeting & Magic!).

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