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A Closer Look

Sometimes the closer you look at your own problems, the less you can actually see. From time to time, you need to put down the gun, set your inner rabbit free and just call SSG!

So, many years into all of this 'launch and support stuff', our existing Clients tend to consistently reiterate a trio of clear messages; the first is that the launch process needs to be free and run as a project by SSG. The second message is that they need the tools to do the job - not just a few job boards and access to some mediocre recruitment software and the third message is that on-going support needs to be personal, available and relevant.

I guess the key point here is that in taking a closer look at existing SSG Clients and the key issues faced by many of them, SSG has to remain focused on providing not only solutions for the big, obvious and regular challenges (markets, cash flow, expansion, legal) but also remember that month-to-month, day-to-day and minute-to-minute many of our guys are working from home, often alone and with little opportunity to just chat through the little things which affect their day.

For SSG, on-going support is a big deal, especially about the little things. A candidate who doesn’t turn up for an interview, an end-client who is rude, a package that didn’t arrive on time, an email which refuses to be sent, a laptop that is slow, a website which contains spelling errors! Ok, these are not normally issues which would send a confident, successful Recruiter running to hide in the corner, but when you are home, feeling alone and with no one to vent to, it is tough. You have to be a recruiter to know what it is to be a recruiter!

Time to look at some of the bigger decisions our existing clients have made and then to look at the trio of ephemeral support processes provided by SSG (Mentoring, Meeting and Magic!).

Most of our Clients place perms and around 65% of our Client only work the Perms market. As a budding entrepreneur working from home, a sole focus on the perms market would appear to be a lot easier – you just need the candidates and the vacancies. No need to run payroll, no need to worry about temps calling you at 5 am & no need to source 10 HGV drivers by 8 am tomorrow morning. Having said that, Perms drop out, don’t turn up and can leave you feeling exposed to low numbers (one placement, one drop out one interview). SSG can provide you with all of the tools that you might need and help with credit control, payment terms and the like. 65% of our current client portfolio must love the perms market for a reason I guess!

Will you, won’t you, can you? Around a third of SSG Clients currently run temps. It is perfectly OK to do so from Day 1 of your new business. We can help you with that – the funding and payroll are part of the offering. The bigger question is, should you? Does running temps fit in with how you want to live your life? Temps can be 24/7 & dreadfully challenging of course, but they can be equally lucrative. As your support Company, we can do pretty much everything except actually place the temps but they will still call you, still chase you and still let you down! Tough call.

OK, so do you go it alone or team up with a partner? Two heads are better than one, share the bad times, motivate one another. Sounds good, no? Funny thing is that 70% of our Clients start their new business as a lone recruiter, without a partner. No arguments, no sharing fees, no worrying about how hard your partner is working! Then again, to throw another statistic at you – if only 30% of our Clients launch as Partnerships, why is it that of our top 40 performing start-up’s nearly 60% of them are partnerships? Maybe it is true, a problem shared & all that. If you want to talk through the logic, just give SSG a call. This could be one of the biggest decisions you ever make.

Gender ought to have nothing to do with the ability to make a placement or build a business, but here are a few empirical facts for you. Girls who work alone seem to generate more income than the boys, but boys who launch a business as a partnership strongly outperform female partnerships. So, is the ideal combination a mixed gender partnership? Apparently not (or so the anecdotal evidence of the last 15 years would suggest). It must be true then to say that boys like to show off to one another and will up their game if they feel that they are accountable to a partner whilst girls would rather just mind their own business & not feel the need to justify themselves to others? It can’t be as simple as that surely (don’t call me Shirley)?

Statistics are of no use here. Around 50% of our Clients work from home and (guess what?) the other half don’t! Of course, it has a lot to do with available space at home. It seems crucial to have a dedicated place to call your office (even if it is a bedroom). Working from the kitchen table or the corner of a room seems to be a recipe for disaster. Offices rarely cost as much as you might imagine – one man offices can be as little as £100-150 p.m. There are also no technology issues to worry about either. Everything that SSG provides for you is cloud based – no need to worry about where you work from as long as there is an internet connection. What would suit you? Home based with all of the distractions associated with that or office based, with the mini commute and fixed costs?

There are many ways to fund your new business. SSG provides a free business launch of course but you still need to eat – to pay the mortgage, the household bills and so on. Maybe you have savings to cover the opening months or maybe you can borrow from the bank or have family support, but what if you don’t? Detailed on this web site is an alternative to the funding issue – the SSG Equity Investment route, whereby SSG will cough up the vital funding in exchange for a Minority Equity stake in the new business. We call this financial support Salary Support and it is designed to remove the final obstacle faced by many great Recruiters who just don’t have the spare cash to make the leap. Not right for everyone naturally – around 1 in 4 new businesses now take advantage of this option, but why not take a look? You never know.

SSG Support


SSG mentoring is not about telling you what to do. We are not so arrogant as to suggest that you need SSG (or anyone else) to tell you what you need to do. For us, mentoring is really about that day-to-day partnership and support we are so keen to provide. It is about lots of five-minute telephone calls, a quick email or a brief text. What do you need? What's going on with you? A good mentor ought to make those around them feel as if they have all the time in the world - that they are free to chat. That's what we aim to do - to make you feel that we are here for you because guess what, we are! Our best work only takes us a few minutes. We are at our most valuable when you need to talk out of hours or discuss a little niggle. Mentoring is working with you to smooth out the bumps along the way. Use us. Make the most of SSG. Engage. Chat.


If we had our way, you would meet with SSG once a month to sit down together and talk through your business. The challenges, the goal and the strategy. If we had our way, we would insist we had a couple of hours away from the mobile phone and other distractions to work with you, workshop style. If we had our way, that would happen all the time. Here is a fact for you: there is a proven correlation between the time that we spend face-to-face with our clients and the revenues that are generated by them. It is probably very little to do with what SSG suggests during those meetings but more a reflection of an attitude or spirit shown by those recruiters keen to listen, to discuss and to implement ideas. So, if we had our way, we would meet and you would make more money (as would we!). If we had our way.


Once in a while, we are fantastic! Outstanding! Magic! Every now and then, SSG will come up with the perfect solution to a big issue. We might win a court case, get you on to an elusive PSL, identify a new market for you, find you the best recruiter around or save you thousands on a lease. We have been doing this for a long time now and have probably been exposed to every conceivable recruitment related challenge known to recruiter-kind! We are not saying that there is nothing new for us to learn, but we are confident enough to say that all of our experience, our war stories, our mistakes and our triumphs are worth their weight in gold by now. But, you have to use us - you have to engage and get involved. How can we be brilliant if there is no apparent problem to solve? When things look their worst, SSG is at its best. Use us.

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