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Way back in 1991, I decided to start my own recruitment business. 7 years later, I sold that start up to a leading PLC for £7,000,000 – great symmetry and an even better amount of money.

When people ask me about that journey, I tell them that I planned right from Day 1 to launch, develop and sell a great business, following a clearly thought out & brilliantly executed route map. I claim that I put in place plans and organisational structures back in 1991 to ensure that my business would be a market leader, resilient from recession and the floundering competition. I assure others that I decided to engage with top Recruiters and organise my business on clear market verticals, each division led by a hand-picked deputy. My succession planning was in place as early as 1992 & I personally led the negotiations to sell the business.

This is of course all nonsense. I did nothing of the sort! The truth is that on my last day as an employee (November 28th 1991), I left work, went home, walked upstairs to my back bedroom and made a couple of calls to candidates. The next day I sent the CVs to a few clients and a week or so later scored an interview. It took me just under 3 months to make my first placement. The rest is history, as they say.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that very few of us have a real plan other than to make a placement – which is the very best plan of all. What is much more interesting is to understand how Recruiters change and adapt & how we all seem to eventually fall into 1 of 3 categories of business owner:

A proper Work / Life balance


An office & a team


I need to make my millions


The truth is that the majority of our existing clients will recognise themselves in one category or another – we all do! The important bit of all of this for SSG is to always work with our existing clients and to understand what they want to achieve and help them to do so. We must accept & embrace that plans change, priorities shift and whatever ‘our guys’ want to do at any point is the plan we ought to be working against.

It is of course brilliant that the SSG model offers the opportunity to make so much more income for our Recruiter Clients. How fantastic is it that by following a template of growth one Recruiter can build a team and a business which is potentially worth millions? No one can argue with the logic…

But running your own business may well also be about different things at different times of your life – or the lives of your family. Pre-school children go to school sooner than you might imagine. Teenagers to go University and school holidays soon get taken up by other things. SSG wants to help you to achieve what is important to you now - & we all know that priorities change! Embrace it! We are here to help. We are SSG.