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  • Looking for SSG?

Looking for SSG?

Confidential Chat

If you are vaguely interested (or just vague!) why not take a chance and give SSG a call? 5 minutes on the telephone might save you eons of misunderstandings, misinformation & misadventure!

Either just call 01442 937 774 (8am – 9pm) or use the Confidential Call Back form.

Whatever happens, we will treat your contact with complete & absolute discretion. Guaranteed.

Confidential Call Back

If you'd like to speak with us in confidence, please send us a message letting us know the best time to call and don't forget to leave us your number.

Discreet Meeting

Meet with whom?

Get together with one of the guys at SSG (typically David Jones or Laura Mould or Clare Armstrong) and have a detailed chat – no more than that. No presentations, no creative business plans, no unnecessary formality & no commitments – just an open, honest & enjoyable conversation about what you might like to do & what SSG could do to help. Feel free to bring your partner or a friend along, who might help you with the post-match analysis! Usually lasting about 90 minutes, your only homework prior to the meeting is to wade through our web site! Good luck with that!

Where to meet?

We can meet almost wherever you like? You are of course very welcome to visit SSG in our Hertfordshire office, but we appreciate that sometimes either geography or timing can make that tricky, so if you prefer, we will suggest getting together in one of the posh hotels for a fancy coffee – at a location convenient to all. This typically means an out of hours meeting which is fine for us. To be frank, we don’t get too hung up about where we meet – if we can make things a little easier for you, we will. The majority of our meetings tend to be off site, out of hours and last around 90 minutes. All good fun!

When we meet?

Anytime is good for SSG. Weekends can be a little challenging but anytime during the week is fine – especially popular are the out of hours meetings, which typically kick off from around 6.30pm up until (say) 9pm. We appreciate that there is a need to be flexible and discreet – it is not always a good idea to meet at a prominent hotel near to your workplace at lunchtime for example, but we will make suggestions and typically have no problems accommodating most of our budding entrepreneurs!

Why we meet?

SSG would never seek to support a business for a Recruiter with whom we had not spent proper time – it is just too personal a thing to do without making sure that we will all get on. The time that we spend together is always useful and it is as much about you getting to understand what we can offer as it is SSG ‘checking you out’. We are not interested in CVs or posh business plans. We want to meet, have a chat and back our instincts. We have been right an awful lot more than we have been wrong since 2003! You might be surprised how easy the meetings are – useful too.

How it happens?

Usually, we will arrange to meet with an interested Recruiter following a really good chat on the telephone and the exchange of an email or two. Most of the time, it is more about making sure that meeting is convenient, discreet and easy more than anything else. There is no commitment, no need for business plans or fancy attire – just turn up, chat, listen and make a judgement. Believe me, after a couple of hours with David, Laura or Clare you will know if SSG are the right guys for you!

Discreet meeting

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