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Experience, Support, Investment

Since 2003, SSG has been identifying motivated Recruiters who would like to run their own Recruitment Business & offering a free business Launch facility followed by outstanding on-going support, in exchange for a descending percentage of the placement fees of the new business. There are no fixed costs and no weird & (not so) wonderful loans or credit agreements!

So, we launch the new venture - covering every conceivable eventuality from the fairly dry Legal & Compliance issues all the way through to the exciting Creative & Branding challenge. We also provide all of the recruitment tools & handle the Tax Man, the VAT Man & even the emotional boogie man! This is all free – it is our investment in you.

Once you are up & running, our expert team will provide unrivalled on-going support to your enterprise – covering all aspects of recruitment, back office management and business mentoring.

SSG provide you with all of the tools that you will ever need, from access to the mainstream ‘big boys’ of the Job Board World (CV Search & Job Postings) to Multi-posting software, LinkedIn & Social Media support, CRM systems, Vacancy Identification software and so on. We also take responsibility for all aspects of your monthly accounting, including VAT, Business Tax, invoicing & credit control. You recruit, we support. If it isn’t pure day-to-day recruitment, then it is our job.

We are investors, support partners, colleagues, friends, mentors, the wise old head, the safety net. We are SSG.

Longevity, Expertise, Understanding.

The numbers are easy – well over 200 business launches, £20,000,000+ turnover. 160+ existing clients. 500+ Recruiters supported. Without doubt the most experienced team in the UK.

The chronology is equally straightforward – SSG formed way back in 2003.  Based at Dower House for 10 years. 100 launches by 2010. 200 by 2014. 300 by 2016. 400 due shortly…

Having said all of that, we remain convinced that what makes us so good at launching and supporting recruitment businesses is less to do with numbers & chronology & much more to do with empathy, understanding and the scars, war stories and anecdotal advice accumulated over such a long time working in such a challenging industry.

When David Jones launched SSG in 2003, he did so believing that there must be hundreds of Recruiters with at least as much drive, ambition and frustration as he had back in 1991 (when he first made the transition from employee to budding recruiter entrepreneur). All that was missing were the tools and the supportive framework to facilitate a free business launch and risk free trading environment.

The last decade has proved David to be entirely right… there are in fact hundreds of Recruiters much better than him(!) and with SSG there to help, owing and running a business need no longer be the preserve of the lucky few. Having said that, it isn’t easy! In fact, ‘nothing is easy’ and if recruitment is anything, it ain’t nothing!

Ability, Drive and ‘Reflection’.

Of course we are keen to attract experienced, motivated and driven Recruiters to our offering. Naturally we want to work alongside honest & reasonable individuals who express a clear desire to be their own boss, master of their domain, leader of the pack… the big cheese, the top banana…

But, to distil it down to basics – to really be open about what we want, let me use the terminology we reiterate during almost every internal business meeting…

We only have 3 criteria:

• Can the Recruiter ‘do it’ (i.e. do they have the recruitment ability)

• Does the Recruiter really want to ‘do it’ (i.e. how driven is driven?)

• We will all get on?

There is no set template. No one demographic that is ‘better’ than all others. 10 years experience is not necessarily better than 18 months. No one market wins. No particular geography, industry or gender!

So, let’s keep it simple; if you can make placements, really feel motivated to run your own business and think that you would get on with the guys at SSG (maybe that’s the tricky bit!), then we want to hear from you.

Clear, Transparent, Irrelevant.

When we launch a new recruitment business for you, SSG simultaneously enters into a contract with your new venture. The agreement which exists between SSG & your new business is called the ‘SSG Working Agreement’ (the ‘WA’).

So, we ‘contract’ with the new business for an initial 48 months and charge a Service Charge (i.e. a descending percentage of the placement fees of the business). There are no fixed costs, no investment requirement and no surprises.

The Service Charge schedule will reflect what tools and facilities you need to trade properly. When we meet, we will talk through what you need and then present back to you the Service charge schedule – which would be a maximum of 30% in Year 1 and reducing each year. But, just so that you know, it must be at least 5 years since we needed to charge any business 30% - it is going to be less (as it is inconceivable that you will need everything that we can offer!). You will keep at least 70% of anything that you generate – at least. Minimum.

The agreement is clear, transparent & largely irrelevant! For SSG, you guys need proof of our commitment to your new business, but internally we follow the same mantra day-after-day... ‘Once we are in it, we are in it’ – in other words, it doesn’t matter what the WA says, we will do everything that we can to help our guys. Fact. We are SSG.

One final truism that ought to provide comfort to anyone wondering if there is a catch? SSG only succeeds if you are successful. We lose money if you don’t make money. If our Clients don’t enjoy the rewards of running a business, then SSG have no Clients, no revenues, no chance. Fact.

Questions, Confidentiality, Care.

If running your own business seems like a good idea & if SSG seems like a reasonable route to launch your new venture and if it all seems almost too good to be true, then I suggest that you are probably nicely curious but rightly cautious.

Were I you, my mind would be racing with excitement but also struggling with a million practical questions – it is really free? What’s the catch? How does SSG make money? Does it work? What happens if.... And, how long does it all take? Can my current employer stop me? Will I really have free access to the job boards? How do I get paid? Who deals with the tax side of things? Can I work from home? Do I get my own branding?

This is probably just the tip of the iceberg. You probably have so many questions that you might not even know where to start. Well, let us reassure you of something – you are not alone. We all feel like that right at the beginning. None of us knew exactly how things would all work out. No one knew for sure.

In the face of so many unknowns, perhaps SSG can provide you with a few cast iron certainties? We will always be honest. We will always act with care, confidentiality & sensitivity. We will never try to encourage you to start something if we have any doubts that it is not entirely right for you.

And how do you know that to be true? Because we have been launching businesses since 2003. Because we only win if you win. Because our fantastic success is simply a reflection of the success of our Clients.

A Few Observations

200 New Business Launches

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200 New Business Launches

Since 2003, SSG has launched over 200 new recruitment businesses for motivated recruiters, just like you!

29 Market Sectors

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29 Market Sectors
  • Software
  • Healthcare
  • Veterinary
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Manufacturing 23 others!

Dower House is haunted

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Dower House is haunted!

Do you know the story about Dower House? Rumour has it that a ghost walks alone in the dark.

There is no doubt that many of us have heard strange noises...

One fee: £52,000

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One fee: £52,000

The highest individual fee earned by one of our guys in 2014 was £52,000.

That's £52,000 to our client, not £52,000 to an employer and then 10% commision.

Makes you think, no?

A homage to Sweep

Find out more!
A homage to Sweep

Did you know that the red ball of SSG is really the red nose of our favourite dog? 'Sweep' of 'Sooty & Sweep' fame?

What do you mean you don't care?


Find out more!

Operating in industrial recruitment, this company recorded the fastest ever turnover startup growth in SSG history!

Give's a whole new meaning to the "Flying Scotsman' fairy tale...


All SSG clients receive (and often contribute to) our internal publication, Connect.

Full of news, ideas and facts, it's a great way to keep in touch.

In 2017, Connect extended its reach to beyond its original readership and now serves the recruitment industry as a whole.

Girls on top!

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Girls on top!

It is an empirical fact!

SSG ventures run by girls generated more revenue than boys in the four years to 2014.

Then again, boys have more to think about: Footy, TV, Cars, etc...

In your image...

Find out more!
In your image...

Logos, business cards, stationery, PDF brochures, email headers, your company website...

Yep, we do it all for you as part of the free business launch.

A great idea, no?

Then again, boys have more to think about: Footy, TV, Cars, etc...

Free business launch buffet

Find out more!
Free business launch buffet

Yep, our business launch in entirely free to you and is the intellectual equivalent of an "all you can eat" holiday buffet!

Tuck in!

Baked Bean Period

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Baked Bean Period

The average SSG client felt that they needed to have between 2 & 3 months of "Baked Bean Money" to cover the essentials before they launched their business.

Need help with that?

SSG Clients Everywhere

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SSG Clients Everywhere

By December 2014, 76% of our clients were in England (North: 32%/Midlands: 17%/South-27%), whilst Scotland, Wales and Ireland made up 24%.

Come on you Celts! Come and join us!

I love it because...

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I love it because...
  1. Freedom and Autonomy
  2. Money, money, money

Surprisingly, our clients actually enjoy the freedom associated with owning a business even more than the money...

Well... so they say!

I quit because...

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I quit because...
  1. I don't enjoy working for myself
  2. I wasn't quite as good as I thought I was

The only two reasons why our entrepreneurs quit and return to work.

Relax, it's only tax!

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Relax, it's only tax!

Did you know, that SSG calculates all of your business tax for you as part of your ongoing support?
You don't need an accountant, you already have one!

Legal Representation

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Legal Representation

Restrictive covenants, your client won't pay their invoices, bad debts, terms of business challenges, insurance...

We can help. We do help.

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